Hi and welcome to the NEW Studio 91.

Fully-Equipped TV and Photographic Studio

Hi and welcome to the NEW Studio 91.

Last year we rebranded Studio 91 but many of our clients mentioned to us that they not on liked Studio 91 but found it familiar. So, we have decided to bring it back in style!

The revamped studio has special areas the are normally dedicated to sit-down interview type shoots and a presentation area with a high table for products etc.

The flexibility of the studio means that all of this can be rearranged at a moments notice to allow the whole area to be utilised as required, including a 6 metre green screen.

We have made the studio especially suited to business and corporate clients as well as amateur and novice photographers and videographers.

So, if you want your next production to be a cut above the rest, just give us a call on 0473 88 77 35.