Finally Finished

Fully-Equipped TV and Photographic Studio

Finally Finished

Well, Pat has finished the painting and she is happy no spots have been missed. All the LED light panels are in place and I finally have the colours as I want them.Wow, I never knew I had those particular muscles and bones. So sore after five days of it.



We’ve done a day, yes a day of almost continuous live streaming in the re-modelled studio already. Even though when it was broadcast the studio was not quite finished. But you know TV, it’s all smoke and mirrors. It was full-on for the crew and the talent but it all went extremely well and the client is super thrilled with the process and the results.

Now we look forward to the next few weeks while we rehearse for a studio based version of Biz Adelaide with new host, Scott McLoughlin. Scott is the host of his own online quiz nights called Scooter’s Quiz with Scooter Quiz Master and Nick his off-sider.scooter

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Stay tuned for more from Studio 91.