Camera Crane (Jib)

A jib crane is used to change the height and angle of the camera to the subject. It can pan and tilt to any position relating to the subject even overhead.

Jibs are mainly used in video but can be very useful getting the camera into the desired shooting location for still photography.

The photographer can watch the camera image on a monitor even if the camera is out of reach of the operator.

Jibs can also be used to position lights that may move from shot to shot.

The benefit of using a jib is the camera plate remains flat during the movement of the jib. So, the camera maintains its relationship to the ground during raising or lowering of the arm. Pan/Tilt heads can be used on the camera plate to manipulate the camera by remote control.

In the image opposite a jib is being used to manipulate the camera under a scrim frame for a product shoot.

This allowed the camera to be moved without interfering with the scrim frame.

The camera could be moved out of the way to insert new products them panned back into position exactly. Not having to move a tripod makes the job easier.

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