Flash Lighting

Flash units can be used indoor and outdoor and can be key, fill or back light. They can be bounced into the subject or direct light sources.

Emitters can be LED or Xenon flash tubes.

Various filters can be used on the flash source to diffuse, colour or direct the light.

Flash units can be used in conjunction with other light sources but remember to use colour correction on different sources so they are all the same (Daylight or Tungsten).


Flash units can be used with coloured filters for special photography effects. Photographers can flag off the light to avoid areas or create shapes.

Don’t forget to set the colour temperature/white balance for the colour temperature of the flash being used.

The image opposite is of a camera mounted unit. These can be used in conjunction with slave units around the subject to create different effects.

Flash units come in various shapes and sizes and can be automatic, manual and/or remote controlled.

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