Keno Fluorescent

Keno Flo (Fluorescent) lighting is an ideal soft light source for modelling.

The tubes are available in 5600 Kelvin (Daylight), 3200 Kelvin (Tungsten) and 2900 Kelvin (Warm).

There are other special purpose tubes but we won’t go into them now.

Keno units can be stand or grid mounted and are fairly robust. They come in 2 foot and 4 foot versions. Keno units are in banks. 2 Bank (2 tubes), 4 bank (4 tubes) etc. They are dimmable and flicker free if using Keno Flicker-free controllers.

Basically, the units flood light everywhere but some units, have for want of a better term, barn doors which give some limited control over the light pattern.

Keno Flo are great for close-up work and smooth detail and provide an even light across the subject.

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