Lighting Flags

Often, we see subjects like models where the photographer has just lit the entire area with flood lights. With models this can sometimes leave the face darker due to makeup and the body bright.

Enter flags. Flags are used to control light by trimming or blocking certain areas.

Flags can be made of many materials including; plywood, fabric, cardboard or just about anything that blocks or subdues light.

Usually, they are held in c-stands (as pictured) or other similar arrangements that allows the flag to be moved into almost any position.

They are ideal for blocking out extraneous sunlight or stray light on the set. Also, sources may need to be blocked from the model to remove areas that are highlighted but need to be subdued.

Remember, be creative as almost anything can be used as a flag. Even your hands!

Be sure not to place the flag where it gets too hot!

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