What you get

Professional podcasting studio hire.

Studio 91 SA Podcasting Studio is a walk-in and walk-out option for business owners, groups and clubs or even individuals who wish to produce podcasts without all the technical hassles.

Out studio is set up to handle a host and three guests plus, the ability to take phone calls in real time. So, you can have a remote guest or co-host to your show.

We use the Rodecaster Pro for simplicity of operation and novice users will find it quick to pick up the basics with some help from our experienced team.


Rodecaster Pro Data

4 Microphone inputs

1 x USB Link

1 x Bluetooth phone connection

8 x Sound pads with 32 programmable sounds/pre records

Muting and pre-listen functions

4 x Individually controlled headphone outlets


A first rate piece of gear that will let you create a top quality podcast recording or live stream. You won't be disappointed with our studio.

Rodecaster Pro angle shot

What can I podcast about?

You can podcast about any topic you like. Subjects such as local events, current issues or perhaps products and shopping. Local clubs and groups might  podcast to interact with their members and followers. Podcasting is especially beneficial for businesses trying to engage with current customers while building community following by becoming an authority in the field you cover. People will think of you first if you have previously engaged them via your podcast.


A-Z for Podcasters

Greame Goodings and David Hales produce a podcast which is all about podcasting. They discuss such things as the gear, the content, getting guests, format of the show and much more. You may find some of the tips very useful in producing your very own podcast!


  • Creating the topic
  • Producing the show
  • Consistent format
  • Microphone technique
  • Which gear to use

Check out the full shows at https://lynk4.me/azp