Redhead 800w Light

The Redhead is an 800w open face flood light. The beam can be controlled somewhat by the barn doors on the front an a rudimentary focus control to make the beam narrow or wide.

The are used for key, fill and back light both indoors and outdoors.

They can be stand mounted or grid mounted with a spigot and clamp.

Readheads are great to use in mobile situations but can lack power especially outdoors in which case a better light would be a Blonde.

Various colour, diffusion and correction gels can be used by pegging (with wooden pegs) to the barn doors. Correction gel is used to correct tungsten to daylight for outdoor use and visa versa.

The image opposite depicts Redheads being used for modelling in a studio situation.

They are being used in conjunction with diffusion gel and are being used for back light, key light and fill.

Redheads are a convenient and versatile light but lack power for bigger jobs.

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