Scrim Frames and Reflectors

A scrim frame can be covered with reflective, translucent or blocking materials.

The can be used indoors, outdoors, grid mounted or on stands. They can even be suspended between buildings, over the subject or hung from cranes.

Uses include blocking or reducing sunlight. Reflecting sun light or artificial lighting and creating soft light sources.

Most scrim frames are 4 foot by 4 foot to fit the various gels and materials available. We use 5 foot by 5 foot scrim frame to fit some newer materials and to give wider coverage.

Ideal uses include product shots and model photography. Can be used in conjunction with other light sources such as key lighting.

In the image opposite, a scrim frame is being used with diffusion material to create an even, soft light source for a product shoot. Notice the back light is a small spot light in the rear corner to provide definition for the product.

Although, not a usual practice, should the need arise you can even cut a hole for the camera lens in the middle of the material (Make sure you won’t need it for anything else).

Usually, this method is employed when making a smaller soft-box for product shoots.

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