Video is the main game at Studio 91 SA and we have the setup to make everything from web videos to live streaming. The custom built facility lends itself to small or lager productions. Easily being reconfigured for recording or live streaming.

Meeting your needs.


If you need a fully functional and professional video studio then Studio 91 SA can meet those requirements.


Whether for fun or professional use the studio is fully adaptable to just about any requirements.


Pre-records, live, whatever you need Studio 91 SA has a fully trained crew at your disposal.


You can use sets or our green screen if actual set construction is an issue.

Professional audio and lighting to make your production all that it can be, top class!

Our team of video experts will take you through all aspects of video production.

You walk in with your ideas and walk out with a fully produced video ready for upload.




Control Room

Our professional TV style control room is ideal for recordings and live streaming with vision switching, audio mixing and playout facilities.


A consistent and controlled environment was a luxury for video producers. Now with Studio 91 SA it is in the realm of the average video producer will being suitable for the most up market productions for commercial television. Offering the studio facilities of a TV station and being affordable makes it an easy choice for everyday content makers to produce quality productions.


You can shoot footage, edit, post-produce, EFX, add titles and credits then output a format for upload as required. You are also welcome to bring in set pieces and props for you production. Your own sets will give the show a customised look for your brand or theme. Just remember to include setup and clean up time when you book. Our crew will be available to help you bump-in and bump-out.


You can come to the forefront of your field with live streaming. You can broadcast to locals or to the world. Join us at Studio 91 SA and be a 21st century new age media leader. Be an authority or entertain potential customers with engaging content.

Industry Leaders

By live streaming you can engage with your audience in near real time. You can have questions or feedback coming in via Facebook, YouTube or other social media sources. This is ideal for live demonstrations, product displays or plain informational video segments about your products and services.

Sudio 91 Test Pattern
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